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Posted: 10.10.2020
Duration: 00:25:31
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Teasing The Caged Chastity Sub
Custom – No Names – “I’m in a cage (POV) locked in chastity and I’m your sub. You come home from work in your work clothes acting very BRATTY. Skirt, button up and heels. You come in asking if i missed you and of course i reply yes. You tell me you have bad news for me and that is you wont be letting me out tonight since you have a hot date. Although, you will let me watch you get ready. You start to undress out of your work clothes until you’re just wearing your panties and bra. You start to check your own body out before getting ready, telling me to remind you how pretty you are and how lucky i am to be in your presence. you come close to my “cage” and show me how pretty your feet are and ask if i like the color you chose, but reminds me not touch her or else there will be consequences. You tell me you’ll be back, you come back wearing a new sexy lingerie that includes bra, garter, and panties over the garter. You bring with you sheer stockings, sexy heels, and the dress you’re going to wear on the date. You put on the sheer stockings and attach the garter with perfection reminding of what I’ll never have. You notice that I am getting aroused, and you ask if i am. It humors you cause i’m locked in a chastity and I can’t even pleasure myself to you. to make things worse, you start to show off your body in that sexy lingerie. Show me how your panties and garter hug your ass. You take off your heels and show me how sexy your toes look in the stockings. Get in sexy positions showing off your features. Now you’re actually getting turned on by the fact that I can’t even get off. So you start to rub onto your panties, eventually taking off your bra and rubbing your tits, then you move your hand down under your panties and start to play with yourself. telling me I’m lucky enough to even see you touch yourself and that I’m pathetic. When you’ve pleasured yourself enough, you tell me thats enough and you put back on your heels. You put on your tight dress that you’re going to wear on your date. Before i lose your attention you tell me I was good for not complaining, so you reach under your dress and pull down your panties from under your dress. You give them to me as a reward so I can smell them while you’re gone. For the last mine or two you just ignore me, sitting in a sexy pose, then eventually leaving the room and turning off the lights. ”
Published Jan 7, 2018
Chastity, Lingerie Fetish
Ass Tease, Bra & Panties Tease, Brunette Tease, Cock Tease, Erotic Tease, Goddess Worship, Light Teasing, Strip Tease,

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