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Posted: 08.01.2022
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Step Sis Nala Brooks Has Big Tits Published: October 29, 2020 Nala Brooks loves to take selfies of her big titties. Jay, Jay’s stepbrother, shares with her that boys at school love her big boobs. Nala points to the fact that her big bust makes her back sore and is very annoying. Jay asks her to massage her back to ease the pain. To prove that they’re not boobs, she flips her top over. Jay tells her to touch them and explain the situation. Nala discovers Jay has a boner. They discuss it, and Nala offers Jay to take a handie as it is her fault that Jay has been so hard. Nala grabs Jay’s hardon and starts to stroke it. Nala leans in to help, and her puffy lips begin sucking. Nala extends her arms forward, grabbing her large boobies and using them to deliver a big sexy fuck. Nala discovers that she likes the feeling her stepbro feels when he rubs her nipples. She is able to take off her clothes and invite Jay to sit down with her to satisfy their lusty desires. Nala begins her new sexual relationship with her brother, lying down on her stomach with her rump on the sofa’s arm. Rubbing her own clit she sighs in delight and throws her head back. Nala continues to use her couch arm. She rolls onto her stomach, so that her head is against the couch’s back. Jay then takes Nala from her back and pounding away for their mutual pleasure. Jay sits down on the couch and Nala rides him in reverse cowgirl, her bubble butt giving a great show. Jay gets a little too comfortable in this position, and Nala leaps on her cock to get her boobs out for a second titty fuck. Jay ends up exploding all around her neck and chest.

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