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Posted: 13.01.2022
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Percy Sires — Whose Dirty Now Published: December 4, 2020 Busty Percy Sires gets really tired of being the only one with any sense of cleanliness around. Damon Dice is her stepbrother and refuses to wash hands before eating or after using the toilet. Percy tried to force Damon into the bathroom, but Damon refused to go. Percy won’t go and Damon claimed he couldn’t pee with his sister standing right there. Percy can pull his cock out of his mouth and hold it for Damon while Damon pees. That just makes Damon a boner. Damon won’t be able pisse until he gets rid. Percy is upset with Damon and she reluctantly agrees for Percy to stroke Damon’s hardon to help him cum. If that fails, Percy gets on her knees and starts sucking Damon dry. Percy decides to go to Damon’s room and offer her body for help. Damon is happy enough take his sis out from her clothes and use her skin to help him. Percy lies on her back, knees and hands so Damon can put her in the doggie. Percy can’t wait to have more of her big bros fuckstick after she has had one. Damon then takes Percy on a cowgirl ride. Damon then slides into her, and she spreads out on the bed. Damon also holds her ankle up to really open her up. Damon is captivated by the way his stepsis’s titties bouncing as he sex with her. Percy finally gets him to stop and he grabs his cum. Percy gives Percy his pussy whenever Damon is washing his hands, as she basks in the new element to their romance.

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