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Posted: 12.01.2022
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Published: November 27, 2020 Lovely Thalia Diaz is back from shopping and wants to show Jay the cute outfits she bought. Jay is surprised when she asks for his opinion. Jay looks full boner in the last outfit, which is fully see through. Thalia notices Jay’s problem, but rather than getting upset, she decides that she will help him with his needs. She was actually the problem. Thalia reached out to Jay’s hand and began to stroke it. This gets her very hot. She leans in to begin sucking. This cum-loving cutie decides that she and her bro can have an amazing time together. Jay is coaxed by her, so she lets her have a go at it. She then falls on Jay with her back to her and watches as her big sex moves along his cock. Thalia rolls onto Jay’s back and opens her arms wide for Jay. Jay finally gets her on her belly, so she can go to town. Jay squeezes that sex, being guided by Thalia’s delight and moans. Jay comes out and slobbers Thalia’s bottom. This is the greatest compliment her stepbro can give her for her outfits. However, they don’t get any afterglow because their parents arrive just as they’re closing up.

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