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Posted: 05.01.2022
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Whitney Wright – The Big Bad Wolf Published: October 16, 2020 Whitney Wright loves Halloween. She talks on the phone with her boyfriend about the party she’s going to tonight. Whitney is telling her boyfriend about her boyfriend’s costume and saying that she’ll wait for him to arrive, while Nathan Bronson her stepbrother watches. Whitney tells Nathan he won’t be able to join her at the party. He then shuts his mouth. Nathan takes revenge on Whitney later, when he dresses up as Whitney’s boyfriend and walks up to her while she watches a movie. Nathan clearly states his intentions by lifting Whitney’s miniskirt. Whitney is totally in it. Nathan treats Whitney’s thong with his thumb while sliding her aside. Finally, she declares that she can’t wait anymore and that she needs her masked beau inside her. She rides the sitffie in her doggy and even takes her titties out from her costume to enjoy them. Whitney eventually discovers something is not right when she turns her back to start sucking off her masked lover. She longs to see her boyfriend’s face but, when she removes the mask, she discovers that it’s her stepbrother. Whitney may be mad at her stepbro, but she is still enthralled by his tricks. Whitney sits on Nathan’s lap as she cradles her brother’s hardon. Whitney bounces off while he holds her hips. As they continue their party, she turns and presses her tits into Nathan’s eyes. Nathan lifts Whitney onto her back and gives her one last O. After he has covered her legs and thighs with cum, he pulls it out. They agree that they won’t let the afterglow get to them or risk getting caught.

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