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Posted: 14.07.2021
Duration: 01:08:40
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Today’s Ex*!%@t is 21 year old Cierra who’s here to take it all off and was also told to go “make that money” girl. Yes this girl’s got the green light to “sucky fucky” and get degraded on film. It’s her thing she says, so just be careful what you ask for Cierra? You just might bite off more than you can chew. But rest assured everyone, it’s her man who’s back home and waiting for his little princess to return home bow legged and sore who’s the one who gave her the green light to “sucky fucky” on camera with some stranger. That’s right people, this lucky girl’s got a guy that loves it when his gal takes other guy’s dick and gets paid for it. I think there’s a name for this that starts with the letter P. Is it Pumping your girlfriend everybody? Nooooo! Hmmm… you’re right, that doesn’t sound quite right does it? Well all you smart boys and girl out there in pornland need to put your thinking caps on and help ExCoGi Steve figure this mystery out. So ok we’ll revisit this word puzzle later and CUM back to it. I’m sure it will CUM to me. It’s on the tip of my tongue. The same way the tip of our lovelies tongue will soon be buried in Jakes asshole as he ask her if she likes being used like a good little slut. Can’t you just feel it? The anticipation! The excitement! The pageantry! Wow what a great shoot this is going to be. So as you can image there’s going to be lots of chocking, slapping, ass rimming, deep throating and gagging to go around and Cierra’s right to be a little more than nervous in the car she confesses. Well Cierra there’s nothing to be nervous about, because if you like rough and degraded sex than you’ve gotten into the right car and Jake will make sure you do all sorts of degrading stuff, and he’ll do it roughly with pleasure. And yeeeees she had a good time today everyone as recorded in her post shoot confessional. And for all you tree huggers out there? Here’s a little disclaimer that I think covers it. So during the filming of this scene there was no harm done to anyone’s parts, windpipes or orifices, and no electronic sex toys were injured or destroyed during the filming of this scene. In case any of you were wondering. So enjoy Cierra everyone. Pimping! That’s the word… Steve

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