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Posted: 10.09.2020
Duration: 00:24:23
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Description: Cute blonde Kata and her sweet brunette friend Deepika have something they want to share: “Our First Time.” As Tora Ness’s hot lesbian movie begins, the girls smile shyly and touch each other tentatively. Deepika pulls off Kata’s top to expose her beautiful breasts, nipples stiff with excitement. Kata follows suit, running her hands over her friend’s lovely body and kissing her eagerly. She sucks Deepika’s nipples between her luscious lips, and then strips her naked before lying back on the pillows. Deepika peels off Kata’s lace panties and starts to stroke her shaved pussy, thrusting two fingers inside to frig her enthusiastically. Moving between Kata’s spread thighs, Deepika goes face down ass up as she takes her first lick, tongue moving busily over her girlfriend’s clit. Wanting to experience how it feels, Deepika straddles Kata’s face, grinding her shaved pussy on her mouth. Kata masturbates as she eats Deepika’s pussy, making her moan with arousal. They switch to scissors, rubbing each other’s wet slot, before Kata goes down to lick Deepika until she’s gasping and squirming, then fingers her to an intense orgasm. Deepika strokes Kata to a and they kiss passionately, both glowing from this hot new experience.

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