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Posted: 07.01.2022
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Chloe Temple & Lily Larimar — Cum Swap Cuties Published: October 25, 2020 It has been a hot summer. It has been a scorching summer with temperatures in the triple digits. Lily and Chloe have been sweltering in their loft in downtown. The repeated calls to the building to fix the AC have proved futile so the girls tried a different approach. They remove all their clothes and announce that they will be walking down the main lobby. The manager quickly stops them and promises to fix the unit. These girls love it and are so naked that they cannot help but indulge in it. They’re hot, sweaty, and sticky. They need a lot of energy to make it through this heat and their cocky dad is always there to help. The girls are amazing at having fun with hot sex and then they finish it off with a fun-loving cum swap.

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