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Posted: 10.10.2020
Duration: 00:36:46
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1.15 Gb

This is a VERY intense CBT game, only watch if you have done some sort of CBT before, because this is VERY intense and very long! You will be such a good pain slut when watching, you will do everything I instruct in this game of CBT fun! Yes that’s right, CBT is FUN for Goddess! I enjoy inflicting pain upon your cock and balls! I enjoy seeing how far you will push yourself for me, how much pain you will endure simply to make me pleased! This game will push your limits and will be a surprise for the both of us. The way I set it up not even I will know what you will do next for me! The fate is left up to the deck of cards! The tasks, some extreme some seemingly mild…but when combined one right after the other, things get intense and the time gets blurry as you endure more and more pain for Goddess! Will you make it to the end? Can you make it through a simple deck of cards for me?

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