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Posted: 14.01.2022
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Alison Rey And Candice Dare – Conflict Of Interest
Released: December 6, 2020
Candice Dare is a professional matchmaker. With the help of AI, she finds great matches for her clients so that they can have their happily ever afters. Although the system never finds PERFECT matches, the compatibility percentages are so high that her clients are still always happy. It seems like the AI is never wrong.
Today she’s working on finding matches for her client, Alison Rey. As she puts everything into the computer, Candice is stunned when she gets back a PERFECT 100% match, which she’s never seen before. But she’s shocked when it’s revealed that Alison has been matched with HER! Candice had put her profile into the system so long ago that she forgot it was even there! Although she thinks Alison is sooo cute, this IS a conflict of interest… but a match is a match and Alison deserves to get her results.
A little later, after receiving a call, Alison arrives. Candice reveals that SHE’S the perfect match, although dating a client seems like a bad idea. Alison, meanwhile, is all for it, insisting that Candice gives it a chance. Candice said it herself that she’s never seen a perfect match! The fact that she’s in the system means that SHE’S looking for love, too, right?? So is Candice REALLY going to deny her client AND herself??
Swayed by Alison’s argument, Candice gives in, caught up in the heat of the moment. A steamy kiss soon leads to sensual caresses… Once Alison gleefully starts eating out her pussy, Candice has to concede that the AI was right all along!

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