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Posted: 15.01.2022
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Bunny Colby & Jezabel Vessir-Marriage Counseling Published: December 17, 2020 Jezabel Vessir, a woman sitting in a cafeteria, is greeted by Bunny Colby. Jezabel looks at Bunny and is immediately attracted to her beauty. Jezabel hears Bunny speaking to a barista. He then reveals that Bunny is a counsellor. Jezabel is able to hear Bunny’s words and glances briefly away from Bunny. Bunny subtly checks Jezabel’s eyes when Jezabel turns her attention away from Bunny. Jezabel is not aware. Jezabel musters her courage to call Bunny and claim she needs counseling. Jezabel is shocked to learn that Bunny was a MARRIAGE counselor and Jezabel must pretend she is married to get the appointment. Jezabel arrives at Bunny’s first appointment a few days later. Jezabel pretends to be married as they talk. However, Bunny is not convinced and eventually realizes the lies. Jezabel is open to the fact that she lied about being married. Bunny tells Jezabel that she was attracted too to Jezabel in the cafeteria and would have asked for her out if Jezabel didn’t approach her pretending to want to be a patient. They have a long, steamy kiss.

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