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Posted: 04.01.2022
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Keira Croft & Zoe Sparx: Mission Im Pussible Published: October 8, 2020 Zoe Sparx, an espion, is waiting in a safehouse. She appears serious and is clearly expecting something. The door is opened. Zoe gets anxious and walks to the door. Keira Croft enters through the door, which she then opens. As they hear movement, both of them suddenly turn. The folder mysteriously slips under the door. They quickly grab the folder and get down to business. They open the folder, and then spread the papers out on a table. They sit down and look at the paperwork. The spies notice a headshot taken by their target and discover that it is a woman. Both are immediately stunned, clearly out of their element. They decide to seduce women together and practice their seduction skills on one another. They are both uncomfortable but determined. Keira kicks things off when Zoe comes onto her, and sparks immediately fly. They exchange kisses, sharing tips about how to be together. As the kisses intensify, they become more passionate and start to groping one another. Soon, they are able to touch and kiss each others’ perfect breasts.

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