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Posted: 08.01.2022
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Published: October 30, 2020 Kenna James sits alone in her living area. She seems anxious, and it’s clear she is waiting for something. She answers the door hurriedly. Ryan appears calm and laid back. Ryan is available to help Kenna connect with the spirit of Kenna’s late step-sister Tania. Ryan begins his seance to contact Tania’s spirit in Tania’s room. If you’re still alive in this realm I invite you to live in my mortal body, and speak through me. You have my permission to use my body in any way you choose! Ryan calls out loudly, “Me as your vessel to complete any unfinished business you have on the earth.” The ladies wait patiently for the other to arrive, with their eyes closed. Finally, Kenna looks through one of her eyes and, after nothing happens, she opens the other. Ryan suddenly starts to spasm and Kenna appears as if she is about to speak. The room lights also flicker dramatically at the same moment. Kenna watches Ryan with her eyes shut as Kenna snaps open her eyes. Ryan slowly opens her eyes, looking around as if taking in what she sees. Ryan’s body language changes instantaneously. Instead of being calm and collected, she is now animated and bubbly. Ryan and Tania are successful in their seance. The sisters are delighted to see one another again.

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