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Posted: 12.01.2022
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Sovereign Syre & Skylar snow – Finding Goddess Published: November 29, 2020 Sovereign Syre was relaxing at home when she gets a knock at the door. Surprised that she didn’t expect anyone to knock, she opens the door. Skylar Snow is standing there. Skylar looks awestruck as if watching a celebrity. She is stunned and stares at Sovereign in complete silence. Sovereign is amused and a little bit confused. Skylar is invited in by Sovereign. Skylar jumps up and down with excitement as she hurries in. Skylar tells Sovereign that she’s been following her, insisting that Skylar knows her true identity as an ancient goddess sex and sensuality. Sovereign tries to ignore the situation, but she doesn’t seem worried. Skylar insists on pushing, insisting that Sovereign KNOWS Sovereign’s a goddess and has been following Sovereign as long as she can. Skylar has built her entire career around Sovereign. Skylar is so dedicated that Sovereign is moved by her devotion. Skylar finally comes out and admits she is the goddess Skylar was searching for. Skylar, overjoyed, insists that SHE still believes and supports Sovereign. Sovereign is so moved that she offers to repay Skylar for her loyalty and dedication by giving her her passionate love.

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