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Posted: 11.10.2020
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Custom clip request “FIVE NIGHTS AT A STRIP CLUB DAY 1 [I am sitting in the front row watching you dance and stuffing one Euro dollar notes into your garter.] [After the dance, you sit at my table and ask:] How about sharing a 50 Euro bottle of Having fun with me? Do you mind if I stroke your cock through your pants while we drink? You won’t cum, not yet, I promise. What is your name? Michael. Michael, are you married? Yes? Does your wife know that you are here? No? She is out of town for a week visiting her Step-Mother? Good, then you can visit me. Michael, we have a room in the back. If you have a hundred Euros on you, I will take you in the back and give you a lap dance. And there yes Michael you will cum in your pants. [Take me to the Room. Dance for me. As you dance, brush your hands over my pants, and then brush my pants with your tits, and finally mouth and tongue. Then turn around and grind your ass on my pants until I cum.] Wasn’t that fun Michael? Come back tomorrow at 8:00 PM to this room. We will share another bottle of Having fun, and for 200 Euros, I will dance for you again and this time pull out your cock, put your cock in a nylon stocking, and give you a hand job. DAY 2 [I show up in the Room. You enter the room with a bottle and Aroma. I hand you the 200 Euros. You have me drink and sniff and become Intox-Fantasy. You dance for me again, teasing me with your entire body, getting me super excited. Then you give me the promised hand job and I cum.] Michael, you know what is better than a hand job? A blowjob. Come back tomorrow with 500 Euros and I will give you the best blow job of your life, DAY 3 [I show up in the Room. I hand you the 500 Euros. More Having fun and Aroma. You sit on my lap, facing me. You tease me with your mouth and tongue, then lick, deep throat and drink from the Having fun bottle, and finally bring my cock up to your mouth, pour Having fun on my cock, and follow with the promised blowjob. I cum in your mouth.] So much fun Michael. But you are so weak for my nylon legs and feet. Tomorrow, how about a foot job? We have another room with a bed, bring 700 Euros and I will give you the best foot job anyone has ever had. DAY 4 [I show up in the Bed Room. I hand you the 700 Euros. More Having fun and Aroma. You tease me with your legs and nylon feet, then pour Having fun on your feet, then slide my cock into one of the nylons alongside one of your feet, and follow with the promised foot job. I cum between your feet.] I have saved the best for last, Michael. My ass and wet pussy. Come back to this same bedroom tomorrow, bring 1,000 Euros and you can fuck my ass and pussy and cum on my breasts. DAV 5 [I show up in the Bed Room. I hand you the 1,000 Euros. More Having fun and Aroma. You tease me with your body; you play with the Having fun bottle again, running it between your legs, breasts and mouth, as if it were a cock, and spill Having fun on your body. Then you have me first fuck you in the ass and later you turn you around to face me and let me fuck you in your pussy. You pull my cock out and have my cock spill cum all over your breasts while facing me.] So your wife returns tomorrow, Michael. Too bad, we could have had so much more fun. The good news is that I have made a video of these last five nights. It will sell on my clip store for all to see. Why not see it with your wife? I am sending her a free copy. If your wife gets upset, well, you can always come back to the strip club and see me again. ”
Published Nov 1, 2017
Homewrecker Fantasy
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