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Posted: 08.09.2020
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The sensational, gorgeous ‘Queen Helen’ returns in this outrageous cunt destruction movie, fucking her vacuum swollen hole with more gargantuan dildos from ‘Hankeys Toys’! Just look at the enormous size of her puffy horse sized cunt! It is immense! Helen is the ultimate insertion goddess with a tiny body and the biggest, drooling snatch between her skinny legs! Having a monster pussy this huge requires constant, extreme stretching 24/7, and it’s so fucking hot seeing her destroy her hole. Enjoy watching her begin this incredible scene with an enormous rubber fist. It’s the size of a large, clenched male hand and would normally stretch any woman’s hole to it’s limits, but not Helens! Her swollen horse cunt is so huge and prolapsed her puffy lips are still bulging round the girth of the giant rubber fist! She uses it to punch her throbbing cervix repeatedly, which bulges back out every time she yanks out the toy and slams it straight back in! Listen to the sloshing sounds of her wet cunt meat drooling profusely with her orgasmic fluids, as she blasts her rubber fist inside as hard as she can. She reaches a slow, intense and is only just getting started. Her next toy is the XXXL ‘Latin Lover’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’! A humongous, BBC cock measuring 15′ tall x 4′ thick, and it’s one of her favorite toys! Helen devours this ebony super dick with all her weight, riding its massive shaft and bouncing up and down till it glistens with her sloshy cunt juices. It’s so arousing seeing her groan in such orgasmic pleasure as she engulfs the hole fucking toy to the balls. Her belly bulges from the inside as it bursts up into her womb, and looks like it’s going to split her in half. She continues gyrating up and down the Latin Lover till she reaches another explosive , then lifts off and smiles mischievously as she shows us her humongous cunt flesh bulging, throbbing and dripping with her bodily fluids in the aftermath!

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