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Posted: 11.04.2022
Duration: 00:48:50
Resolution: 854х480
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Avery Jane: Helplessly Bound Published: March 30, 20,22 Avery Jane is a new Kink member and has a reputation for being a sweet little slut. The Pope has patiently waited for the moment when he could dominate her. He spends some time with her in a standing position with her hands over her head and her legs crossed. Then, she is tied to her legs and gagged in order to drown out her screams. Her entire body is affected by the leather tails. Avery then finds herself suspended. Next up for the Pope is her feet. He uses a metallic spike to ensure that she feels a new type pain. Avery feels this pain pushing him to the edge, and he switches to heavy nipple torture. A devilish smile is evident on her face when she focuses attention to her big tits. She is then given a dildo, which is put into her mouth. After getting it wet, he then puts it inside her pussy. It creates a constant stream of orgasms. Avery ends up on her back, with her legs stretched wide. She is completely helpless. She is presented to the Pope’s cane and all its pains. She endures all, and she gets her reward of sexual pleasures.

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