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Posted: 05.04.2022
Duration: 00:52:29
Resolution: 1280х720
Size: 351,81 MB

Published: March 1, 2022 Brooke Johnson has returned. Brooke Johnson is back. She is now subject to the most horrific bondage and torture she has ever endured. This is one of the most difficult shoots in Kink’s history. Brooke stands in the middle, with what appears to be a basic tie. Brooke’s pace is set by the Pope, who uses a number of impact toys. Brooke is then lifted up with a hair-suspension. She swings by her scalp, her elbows being included. The Pope then indulges in a few more orgasms with her small body before moving on. Next comes a progressive suspension which also includes all the tying. The rope slowly surrounds Brooke’s body, causing her to be in an extremely difficult position. Brooke is completely helpless during the bondage. She is held in a nipple-clamping position that weighs her nipples. Brooke’s soaking pussy attracts more attention from the Pope. In the final scene, he is more concerned with the torment rather than the bondage. Brooke is placed on Brooke’s back with her legs outstretched and her arms extended. Her torture includes a severe bastinado, severe paddling her tits and an assault on her entire body.

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