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Posted: 15.01.2022
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Chihiro is attracted to a visitor who she invites into her home. Published: December 18, 2020 Chihiro, Akino, is caught maturing while alone at home. It appears that she was browsing the internet for sex when someone knocked on her door. Do you feel like this is your life? Chihiro seized the opportunity to help a husband colleague by coming to her home to retrieve documents her husband had lost at home. He was the lucky one as he found Chihiro’s panties down on the ground, and her phone on a table with a photo showing an enlarged image of a man’s cock. Chihiro didn’t feel embarrassed when she discovered she was watching porn at her home. Chihiro quickly explained to her husband that her husband is too busy to eat her pussy enough and that she only uses her time at home to indulge herself and her Japanese housewife. Chihiro still was not happy about seeing the porn on his phone. She proposes to his colleague that he take his hard-cock out of his pants so that he can enjoy it while he is there. Chihiro persuades him to let go and relax while she removes his pants and starts sucking on his cock. She suggests that they move into the bedroom for more comfort. She lifts her skirt, and she spreads her legs to demonstrate that she does not have any panties. She starts to rub her pretty pink housewife pussy, and then asks him to jerk in front of her while she rinses his pussy. The mutual masturbation becomes too much for them both and they decide to strip off their clothes before they get into it. Chihiro sits on top and rubs her pussy up his face. They continue their afternoon of secret sex as they take on more positions.

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