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Posted: 14.01.2022
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Chihiro Akino, housewife, remains at home and fingers her tomsy Published: December 10, 2020 Sometimes life is not so exciting for Japanese Housewives. Japanese men are very punctual and arrive home at night after work. They always feel exhausted after work so they go home, eat, and then go to sleep. Chihiro is now with her husband and she cleans the house just like she does when she’s at home. After she finishes her work, she decides she will surf the internet. She watches porn and then gets sexually active. This makes her so sexy she begins to play with her tits. She grabs her nipples, and she becomes more sexually active. She has large, soft, and beautiful tits. She is so proud of her tits that it is a shame there is no man to play with them and get their nipples. Today her nipple play is getting her wet. Chihiro slips her fingers down her panties, and then spreads her legs wide so that she can massage her wet sexy. Chihiro removes her panties, and she slouches down on the sofa to fantasize about having a cock with her pink Japanese pussy. Chihiro is often left by her husband and spends most of her time with her. She has learned to spend her afternoons alone, masturbating her beautiful pussy and dreaming about big cocks using it in different positions. She stops playing pussy when she hears the knock. Who is it? She quickly cleans up, and then she puts her clothes on again to open the front doors. To continue…

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