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Posted: 13.01.2022
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Manami Nakasugi accompanying a stranger to his house to cheat Published: November 30, 2020 Manami Nakasugi, a man approaching her on the street, asks about a nearby ramen store. He invites her along to lunch with him and she agrees. He quickly changed the subject to getting her ramen and she joining him for sex. He seduces his wife in the car, and questions her about her sex life. He uses his talents to get her consent to him touching her tits. He becomes a little more excited and horny. Then he asks her to come to the house to see his panties. She is now hot enough to agree and go to his place. As he seduces her, he offers her tea and then kisses her. He continues to examine her body, and asks her for her permission to let him touch her pussy. He finds this so enjoyable that he begins to kiss her pussy. She seems to like this and continues to let him explore her body. He likes to kiss her and get her pussy wet. She is ready for the next stage, where he takes off his clothes to allow him to slip his cock in her. He slips his dick in her hand and slides it up and down onto her pussy. Manami seems to like this as she watches him with her wet pussy. Manami is enthralled by his cock and his moans indicate that she enjoys her time with him. Manami is then taken to a bed and sucks on her cock. He continues his fucking, and Manami asks her to climb on top of him and ride him cowgirl fashion. He finally makes it inside her for sweet creampie. After he finishes, she asks him if he can do it all over again since she needs to pay more attention her pussy.

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