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Posted: 14.01.2022
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Ryo Tsujimoto’s husband owes money, Ryo has to pay it with the pussy Published December 6, 2020 Ryo Tsujimoto has a husband who owes her money. Ryo has to pay him with her pussy. Ryo’s husband comes home from work with a man who is not familiar to her. Ryo and the man arrive at Ryo’s home. The man informs Ryo that Ryo is the guarantor of the loan, that Ryo had borrowed a lot from her husband. Her husband owes 5,000,000 Yen. The loan shark suggests that Ryo fuck Ryo because he doesn’t have the money to repay him. Ryo has already agreed to this arrangement. Ryo’s husband must watch his wife pay off the debt he has accrued. The loan shark grabs Ryo’s body, enjoying kissing her ears as well as grabbing her cute body. He asks her to let him see her naked and begins to kiss her mouth. She is shy but must obey as her husband’s loan must be paid. She takes off her top, bra, and shows him her huge soft boobs. They’re nice and plump, and the loan shark loves to touch and play with her nipples. He now demands that she bend over to see his skirt, which makes him so horny. He rips off her pants and moves her pantyhose to the side so he can see her pink housewife pussy. She has to tell her husband about how much she loves another man’s finger in their pussy. The loan shark then fucks her wife and she is forced to tell him about every sexual act. She is then fucked many times as the loan shark tries to get his money from her. He also enjoys her adorable Japanese housewife body.

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