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Posted: 03.01.2022
Duration: 00:40:45
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Published: October 5, 2020 Jax Slayher is one lucky dude. He has access to the hottest women online and more! It’s a wonderful life. Anny Aurora has been sending him texts but there is a small problem, she doesn’t speak English. However, he doesn’t want that to stop him. She’s so smokin’! Anny is proficient in using emojis. Jax then gets in the car and drives her to meet her. Anny meets Jax in his car in a very sexy red zip-up dress. She helps Jax to pull his pants down so she can go sucking! Anny wraps her pretty lips around Jax as they drive through downtown LA. They have a strong sexual chemistry. Although they are unable to communicate by voice, they know exactly what one other wants. Jax and Anny soon find themselves naked and all over one another as Jax lay on his couch to finish their work in the car. She chews on his balls, gags at his long hair and shoves it down her throat. Anny climbs onto Jax’s back and places her tight, swollen pussy on Jax. She then starts riding Jax faster, taking it all in one stroke. Jax lifts her up and bounces against his legs. Then he holds her high up before laying her on the couch’s arm. He is sure that this German slut is ready for more. Jax rubs his enormous cock against her little butthole and then he presses it down into her. Anny rubs the pussy of Jax while he pounds her hard. Then he lifts her again and places her down on his desk so that he can smash her against the window. He takes her high heels off and rubs her feet while whipping her sphincter with a long dog. But Little Anal Anny is never satisfied. Jax takes control of Anny’s horny sexes, filling her sexy with his load, and then letting it drip down onto him. Anny, being the good slut that she is, makes sure to get every last drop.

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