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Posted: 06.01.2022
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Published: October 20, 2020 Mona Azar is an online model. Jules makes his debut with her MONSTER BUTY! Mona is a natural Persian/ Italian beauty. She has huge tits, and an amazing ass. Jules is examining her stunning body in a one-piece, black bathing suit. Mona moves for him and bounces her huge booty to make her laugh, before reaching for her rack so that she can play with her nipples. As she walks to the stairs, Mona licks her hands. She then oilens her gluteus MAXimus to make them shine. Mona is twerking as she climbs the stairs. Mona stops at the landing and jiggles her thighs for you. Mona waits in Jules’ bedroom to dance with him, then she moves over to allow him to start worshipping her body. Mona dances with his cock, pulling at his shorts. Jules squeezes her enormous mounds until Mona falls to her knees for some oral attention. She chews her tool like a pro and deepens her throat, gagging as she enjoys every moment. Mona places her back on a chair, and Jules helps her to her feet. Mona moans as Jules presses her hole, making her stomach ache with each stroke. Jules flips her and exposes her pink pussy so he can tongue-fuck the tight hole. Mona moves back between his legs to give him another rimjob, and then she sucks that dick more until she gets on the top to ride with him. Jules hits her hungry hole with a hammer, but Mona is determined to take control. She tells him “Let me fiss YOU”, and she begins to bounce her arse on his thick dick. He flips her over and folds her legs towards deep-dick Mona. Then he brings her back to where they began. Mona gives his dick a hug and then makes sure he gets a good tummy rub.

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