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Posted: 05.01.2022
Duration: 00:41:08
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Fashion Model Skye Blue is ravished by The Biggest Cow She’s Ever Had Published: October 15, 2020 Skye’s blue eyes are piercing and she stares at the camera. She then moves sensually in her lingerie. As she shines in the sun, she’s dressed like a perfect gift in her lace lingerie. Skye makes her way inside and removes her top so that her all-natural melons are exposed. Then she heads into the bedroom to meet her beau. Skye is waiting in Chris’s chair, so she makes her way over. Skye holds Chris’s leg and begins to stroke his thick dick. She moves to the ground, so that she can get her hard cock in her mouth and give it a good lube. Skye holds her tits tightly as she bounces back and forth between the ground and Chris’ uncut cock. Chris gets up to feed his dong into Skye’s tiny throat. He makes her gag. Then he stands Skye up and burys his face in her ans. Skye bends forward and tongues her pussy before plunging her pink hole in his giant dick. Skye loves to get her dicked so Skye grabs Skye’s cheek to open her tight pussy to take in more of Chris. Skye bends down in half and places her head below her legs. This allows you to see her massive juggs move as Chris drills her from the back before turning her into a missionary. Chris presses her hard, stopping every now and again so that you can see her gaping cleavage while Skye massages the clit. Skye is on the top and Skye backs Skye, so Skye can control how deep and fast Skye wants. Chris pulls Skye onto his back and lays him down on the bed. Skye is a smothering her with her tits, while Chris grinds her hips on his cock. After that she transforms into reverse cowgirl and he can hammer her. Chris injures Skye’s pussy until she falls to her knees, then he blows all his man-meat over her tits. Skye Blue and Chris Diamond

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