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Posted: 05.10.2020
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Absolute Power
They say some things are best left to the imagination… *I* say, some things are far more sublime than your imagination could ever conjure. My JUICY tits and succumbing to My ABSOLUTE power are the two perfect examples. Sometimes you have to see it, you have to FEEL it to really believe it. To really know it. To become enslaved by it. You’re going to surrender in a timeless endless moment of pure pleasure to My absolute Power. My power to mesmerise, My power to seduce, My power to control. I use a perfect blend of clinical ‘mesmerise’ and NLP techniques to usurp your conscious mind, all you need to do is sink into delicious surrender. I’ll do the rest. By the time you spontaneously begin stroking the very act will already have been implanted in your mind as PROOF that you are 100% mesmerised…and so you will be, even more. My ABSOLUTE POWER absolutely controlling you, your cock and your mind. I want you to be absolutely fucked without Me. Absolutely dependent on Me and My approval, My body. MY ABSOLUTE POWER. Using a powerful therapeutic technique I take you to the Madam Violet Pleasure Dial in your mind and you turn it UP. Engaging all the senses making it real, turning UP the pleasure..5…6…7…I’m in charge, you are bound by invisible bonds, I take it up, bring it down, take it back up again…you are saturated absolutely by My power, My majesty, My clever, quick mind. When *I* am ready, I command you to to CUM. I wake you up ‘back to normal’ and yet…My unrelenting, far reaching ABSOLUTE power will continue to influence you, subtly manipulating you, your cock and every decision your mind makes. Absolute power controls absolutely. Contains: deep mesmerise, NLP, mind control, psychological and physiological domination, layered voice tracks, snaps, binaural tones, female domination, powerful woman, mental domination, eye fixation, visualisation, JOI, cock control, big tits, topless, love addiction. Absolute Power.
Published Sep 19, 2019
Goddess Worship, Mesmerize
Arrogant Woman, Big Tits, FemDom POV, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck, Powerful Women, Sensual Domination, Tit Worship,

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