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Posted: 10.09.2020
Duration: 00:15:06
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The more you stroke, the dumber you get and the dumber you get the more you spend, and the more you spend the HARDER and you get. It’s so fucking delicious, Desperate wet, weak. How can one man be so fucking PATHETIC and yet so fucking AROUSING to Me?! I don’t know or care, just like I don’t know or care about you. Even if you spend THOUSANDS…your just aa name on a screen, meaningless. I fucking LOVE it, this power dynamic of your money is MINE and My money is abundant and none of your business bitch. and so do you, STROKE, drip, throb, drive yourself crazy with desire and the building THRILL of spending and edging. AS I reveal My lingerie and fishnets under My dress, spreading it WIDE, displaying everything, holding NOTHING back. just like you will do with your WALLET and with one SNAP I will do to your mind. My body was made to be EDGED to, My body was what all money and your shame and DEBT were invented for. If you’re going to STROKE it all away, this is the body to do it. I encourage you all the way until enticing you to send just one more (BIG) one just as you CUM, it’s impossible to say anything but YES when you’re this dumb and drained and fucked by My big tits and beautiful smile. Contains: financial domination, mindfuck, mental domination, female domination, sensual domination, strip tease, fishnet, JOI, cum countdown,

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