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Posted: 10.09.2020
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It’s important for you to keep financially fit and healthy, to keep the lypmh flowing, the cum and cash flowing freely. You don’t wan’t to be even more unattractive than you already are by becoming financially flabby. This is the financial workout you need. Of course I am incredibly encouraging in My tiny hot pants, My tiny top and the sweat that builds over My perfect body, I am Mistress Motivator! We’re gonna work HARD, get sweaty and burn through some numbers boy! Starting with some warmups like taking out you cock and holding it, then on to some basic core work of $10 tribute, GOOD boy now STROKE up down up down,, keep it up, Stroke in the rhythm I tell you, fast for three counts, slow for three, keep your core tight, gooooood work! My ass, My legs, My tits make you want to work SO HARD for ME, to becum ultra FIT for Me. I take you through some more moves being a INSPIRATION all the way, your IDEAL fitness coach, I grind My ass in your face, you want to lick the sweat off My body a the workout culminates in a move which if performed correctly will trigger an incredible orgasm for yo, I KNOW you can do it, you WILL do it! I’m with you right until the SWEATY hot CUMMY end. Phew! Such a good workout, so much stress and cum and cash burnt through, so much lighter and happier already. Next week, gym buddy. Contains: financial domination, female domination, mindfuck, encouragement, mental domination, manipulation, goddess worship, sensual domination, cock control, masturbation instruction, men following orders, cum countdown,

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