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Posted: 07.10.2020
Duration: 00:10:00
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Our incredible goddess of ass insertions ‘Queen Maria’ returns in this shocking update, having her cavernous butt hole fucked with a giant wine bottle, through a glass jar! This really is her most outrageous anal penetration and we really don’t recommend you try this at home, unless you’re a professional anal whore!! See the mesmerising Maria bent over on all fours outdoors, in the blazing hot Brazilian sun, teasing us with her peachy Latin butt on display, before her boyfriend begins blasting it into oblivion with the huge bottles and objects! He begins fucking her rectum with the giant wine bottle as hard as he possibly can, blasting it in and out from base to neck relentlessly, as Maria groans in orgasmic pleasure. Now it’s time for some really extreme and perverse insertion games to see just how huge her ass really is! He pulls out a giant glass jar and inserts it entirely to its open top, till Marias anal ring closes just in front of its rim, making her hole look like a permanent gaping bucket! He then continues inserting bottles of different sizes inside the jar, beginning with 500ml sizes and all the way up to full size wine bottles! HOLY FUCK! That’s a full size wine bottle, inside an even larger glass jar, crammed into Marias greedy ass. We couldn’t believe our eyes, but it’s real and so arousing to see this most perverse anal penetration. Maria loves every moment, gasping and groaning in ecstasy. He then pulls the bottle and jar out of her hole, and reinserts the wine bottle entirely back in to the neck, whilst double penetrating her pussy with a giant black dildo for the ultimate orgasm Maria desperately craves, and cannot be missed if you’re a fan of this addictive Latin Goddess of ass destruction!

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