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Posted: 06.01.2022
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Published: October 18, 2020 Ryder Skye worries that Gia Derza will never like her new stepdaughter. Ryder has been showering Gia with gifts in an attempt to win her love, but Gia refuses to accept any of it. Ryder gave Gia a brand new phone that is too bulky, and the unique earrings she got are terrible. Gia resists Ryder’s love and is at her wits end. Ryder is unable to win Gia over despite owning a new car. She confronts the spoilt teen. Gia learns that Gia has witnessed trophy wives leave and come. It’s because of her! Gia made sure that her dad was not pleased with all her step-moms for failing to give her the one thing she really wants. Ryder wants to remain in the family and so she inquires about the one thing Gia really desires… and discovers it’s HER! Ryder is soon naked on the couch doing everything she can win Gia over. Gia is left writhing with delight as she plays with her perky breasts and eats her pussy up with gusto. Ryder is more than happy to share this gift with them as they grow closer to each other.

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