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Posted: 12.01.2022
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Published: November 28, 2020 Laney Grey is in her bedroom. She looks like she is expecting something when the front door opens and closes. Laney gets excited when Serene calls her name. She quickly jumps into bed, pulling up the covers to her neck. Laney waits impatiently for Serene. Laney seems to be pretending to be sick. Serene enters Laney’s space a few seconds later. Serene is wearing a labcoat and a stethoscope around the neck. Evidently, she is a doctor. Laney states that she’s feeling sick and asks Serene if she can examine her. It seems like this is part of Laney’s plan. Serene is professional and doesn’t react as Laney removes her shirt to allow Serene to begin the examination. Laney, on one hand, suppresses any hint of a smile as she removes her top. Serene begins her examination. Serene first asks Laney to open up her mouth so she can examine her throat. Serene is unable to use her standard instruments but finds no obvious problems with Laney’s throat. Serene examines Laney’s entire body from there. Laney seems to enjoy this close relationship with Serene all through the examination. But she keeps it a secret – suppressing grins. Serene isn’t even aware. Serene is finally able to see that Laney is not in any way wrong. Suspected, she confronts Laney. Laney explains that she was trying to be close to her mom because Serene is so busy lately. Laney tells Serene there’s only one way she can make amends for her recent absence from her: by having sex. After some hesitation, Serene finally agrees to have sex with Laney.

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