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Posted: 08.09.2020
Duration: 00:08:36
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Our mesmerising Russian ‘Queen Nikoletta’ stars in this obscene ass destruction movie, stretching her greedy hole with a gigantic new butt plug, and devouring it entirely to the base for the ultimate orgasm! We love watching this insatiable beauty punishing her ass with the most enormous dildos she can find, and it’s her first time attempting to fuck this giant plug. It measures in at 10′ tall with a fat head that tapers down to a bulbous ball over 4′ thick at the bottom. Nikoletta couldn’t wait to stuff this colossal toy in her loose rectum and see how far she could take it. Enjoy watching her mount and ride its head, down to the widest point of its lower shaft, whilst frantically masturbating her clit in euphoria. The intense stretching sensation sends orgasmic shockwaves throughout her entire body, making her groan in a powerful mind blowing . Her first orgasm is achieved, but she isn’t ready to stop just yet! She needs more orgasmic pleasure and is determined to sink her plug in entirely to the base. She takes a few deep sniffs from her poppers bottle, making her ass loosen up even more, then pushes down even further on the huge plug, whilst continuing to masturbate her clit. With some deep breathing techniques and slow impalement she’s reached the fucking floor and devoured the entire thing in her rectum! WOW! The pleasure and shock of engulfing this fat plug completely drives her wild with lust, it’s head is now pushing way up into her belly, and its massive base is stretching her ass to breaking point! Nikoletta continues masturbating her clit and finally erupts in another almighty, mind blowing that leaves her breathless, and lifts off the plug to proudly show us the damage it caused to her greedy ass hole!

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