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Posted: 04.01.2022
Duration: 00:30:11
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Alex Coal: Cant Get Enough Published: October 12, 2020 Alex Coal doesn’t wear much because she gets all done up. Jay Romero, who is not wearing much, comes up behind Alex Coal. Jay wraps his arms around Alex and makes it clear his intentions. He squeezes her stomach and rolls her thong. Alex feels instantly putty after Jay wraps his arms around Alex and begins to rub that clit. Alex sinks to her knees as she pulls Jay’s pants down and pulls out Jay’s stiffie. She grabs Jay’s cock and starts stroking. Alex opens her mouth wide to explore Jay’s dick. Alex sucking Jay deep with her tongue and then her mouth, keeping up her BJ with lots of enthusiasm. She even took a break from sucking Jay’s thumb, in a clear imitation of what they were about to do. Alex holds Jay up and wraps her hand around Jay’s cock. Alex rubs Jay’s back and then climbs on Jay’s fuck stick to rest on it. Full of passion, she moves her hips to a sensual beat. Jay is there to support Alex and grab her bottom. Alex gives up on being in control. She gets down onto her knees and hands Jay so Jay can follow her. Jay takes Alex in the doggy and Alex moans long and loud. Alex then rocks back to match every stroke. Jay’s cock gives her pleasure and she makes Alex’s hands fist in blankets. This leaves her panting, but eager for more. Alex finds herself next to Jay on her back, her legs high in the air, Jay’s tongue working magic as it laps at Jay’s clit. He finally releases one of his legs and adjusts his position so that he can bury himself in Alex’s greedy snatch again. As he presses his desire to make Alex completely vulnerable, he grabs Alex’s ankles. Alex’s unrelenting penetration leaves him with a huge O that makes her giddy with delight. Jay takes Alex’s sheath out and makes his way around, so that he is kneeling on her prone back. Jay holds his cock tightly and strokes his body until it is cumming. Jay points at Alex’s mouth and blasts off. Alex is left humming as Jay scrubs Jay’s face clean.

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