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Posted: 12.01.2022
Duration: 00:28:17
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Published: November 29, 2020 Sam Bourne sits down to read the newspaper, while Alyssa Bounty, his lover, watches him greedily as she pretends that she is making breakfast. Sam is not bothered when she brings the food over to sit with him. Sam is so focused on his reading that even when Alyssa takes increasingly sexy poses and rubs her twat at the table, he doesn’t blink an eye. Alyssa gets up to her feet and strips off her robe. Sam notices her as her clothes get soaked at her feet. Alyssa now pretends that Sam isn’t important and moves to the couch. There, she waits naked for Sam. Sam finally shows his true colors when he joins Alyssa and Alyssa at the couch. He apologizes wonderfully, and then he reaches for her between the thighs and dips his head in her puss to make amends. As he licks her clit, he raises his arm and shoves his fingers in her. Alyssa eventually sits up, and she makes sure Sam gets as much as he deserves. She pulls out her fuckstick to start sucking Sam off. Alyssa’s deep throat BJ only brings them both to a fever pitch. Sam is forced to sit back by her and allow her to have her way. Alyssa stooges right on the fuck stick, as Sam is already sitting back. Alyssa is allowed to let go of her needs as she moves her hips in order to enjoy the big D. Alyssa then lies back and lets Sam handle the work while he piles her up for the snatch. Alyssa sways onto her side and smiles as Sam serves it to her. She lifts her leg in the air and opens herself up to his suggestions. Sam uses his body language as an excuse for not bringing Alyssa off earlier. Alyssa regains control and rides Sam in reverse cowgirl. At first, she is in control of her own pace. But eventually, Sam lets her slip beneath her bottom so that she can lift her foot and let him do all her work. Alyssa bends down to give Sam one last big O. In dog. Sam’s pussy is drained by Alyssa’s pulse, and he gives Alyssa a creampie.

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