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Posted: 03.01.2022
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Amira Adara and Tiffany Tatum – October 2020 Published: October 3, 2020 October’s Fantasy of the Month features Tiffany Tatum, who is a long-standing favourite on Nubile Films. We get to see Tiffany’s secret desires and learn a little about her. This stunning lady wants to be a mistress of a female slave and have a man waiting to show her how it’s done. Amira Adara is Tiffany’s interviewer. She tells Tiffany that they can make this happen. Tiffany’s interviewer, Amira Adara, is super happy when Tiffany chooses Raul Costa as her man of choice… And Amira as the woman! Amira is led onto the set by Tiffany when Tiffany’s dreams are realized. The girls are both dressed in sexy black and lingerie that emphasizes every curve. Tiffany and Amira settle down in the chair, but Tiffany makes sure Raul is also watching. Amira obliges Tiffany by rubbing Tiffany’s twat, then licking Tiffany’s body. Amira finally moves Tiffany’s thong aside and sets her sights on Amira’s thighs. Amira tries to get her tongue into Tiffany’s clit while keeping her nose in Tiffany muff. As she feels more pleasure, Tiffany puts her hand in Amira’s hair and then throws her head back. Tiffany keeps going until Tiffany grabs Amira’s leash. Then, she kisses Amira’s musk. Amira leads her to the side and tells her slave to sit. Raul is then led back to the chaise by her, who grabs the tie from Raul. Raul, obedient to his lover’s will, continues eating Tiffany’s pissy right where Amira left off. He slows down, allowing Tiffany to indulge him with slow strokes of his tongue. Tiffany pushes Raul onto his feet and showers him with hot kisses. With complete enthusiasm, she begins to suck Raul’s hair down to her knees. Tiffany makes sensual eye contact to Amira as she gives her blowjob. Tiffany is not worried because Amira cannot look away from the show. Amira actually crawls towards Tiffany, hoping to get a taste. Tiffany finally agrees to share. Tiffany takes Amira’s chains off and leads her to the chaise. Tiffany gets down on her knees and captures Amira’s lips with a deep kiss. Raul then accepts her invitation to take Amira by the back. Amira lies down under Tiffany while Raul dominates her. This allows her to capture Amira’s lips and give her deep kisses. Tiffany stays the focus of attention while Raul puts her on her stomach with her knees bent to her shoulders. Amira concentrates on Tiffany’s nipples as Raul eats Tiffany. Tiffany quickly wets and is ready to have another go with Raul’s hardon. Moving forward, she draws her legs in front of Raul so that she is fully open to his instructions.

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