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Posted: 10.01.2022
Duration: 00:21:35
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Azazai and LadyD – Made For YOU Published: November 14, 2020 Lady D sits on her bed, sharing it with Azazai. She waits patiently for Azazai’s new lingerie look to arrive. Lady D realizes that the wait was worth it when Azazai shows up in her chic black outfit. Azazai is seen strutting up to Lady D in her sexy black getup. Lady D is also wearing a lacy, handmade teddy. The girls spend a lot of time moving their hands along each other’s soft bodies. Lady D lies back on her stomach, Azazai balancing on top. Azazai starts to tonguing Lady D’s nubs with her teddy and popping her breasts back out. Azazai slips down and then makes herself comfortable between Lady D’s legs for a full-on, sexy feast. Lady D finds herself enjoying Azazai’s attentions immensely, but she isn’t about to become a passive observer in their lovemaking. Azazai is helped out of her bra by Lady D so she can experience the richness of their breasts. Lady D then lies back to enjoy some mutual feelings. Azazai slides Lady D’s bottom off her teddy and plays havoc with Lady D’s fingers. It creates an easy pathway for Lady D. Lady D waits until her boneless pleasure has subsided before Azazai is helped onto her knees. Lady D approaches her girlfriend from behind and starts the part with her tongue. After smelling Azazai’s sweet juices she takes a deep breath and then dives in with two fingers. Lady D is a snatch, and Azazai’s moans fills the room. Azazai is able to roll onto her side. Lady D spoons behind her, and she continues her twat. Lady D does not stop until Azazai is in paradise. Azazai is certain that even though she has just ed her girlfriend, she knows she still has another one. Azazai, rolling over Lady D’s shoulder, reaches for a hard daildo. As she guides the toy through the interior, she turns to her lover. Lady D just needs the Rabbit vibrator to make it happen in a matter of seconds. Lady D then returns to Azazai’s cream-filled fuck hole, until she reaches the pinnacle. To seal their passion, Lady D and Lady D return to each other’s bed and share a kiss.

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