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Posted: 08.01.2022
Duration: 00:30:02
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Cindy Shine: Give It All Published: October 27, 2020 Cindy Shine sits in bed, reading on her tablet, while Charlie Dean waits to meet her. Charlie doesn’t just arrive, he also brings flowers to ensure Cindy is happy. Cindy is all smiles because of the anticipation for Charlie’s arrival as well as the beautiful flowers. Charlie is now ready to ask Cindy out. Cindy’s instantaneous and emotional response is remarkable. She then puts the ring onto her finger and then moves her hands to pet Charlie’s hardon. After another kiss she turns her full attention to Charlie, making sure she feels as good as possible. She ends up on the belly with just her thong on, her hands still working on Charlie’s cock. Cindy is ready to have a good time with Dan after their deep throat BJ. Dan is always eager to please and lays on his back so Cindy can climb up on top of him. Cindy moves so that she is hovering above Dan’s hardon, Cindy lowers the bottom of her feet until her fuckhole has been completely impaled. Cindy rocked back and forth while Charlie helped her move. She also set a lusty rhythm with her hands as she fists in the sheets. Cindy turns around, while still sitting on Charlie’s cock. This is reverse cowgirl action. She can now lean back and feel Charlie’s cock hitting her g spot. It’s not long until she explodes in a big scream when she puts her hand up to rub her neck. Cindy takes the D off and then sips her own juices through the shaft. As Charlie approaches, she remains on her hands and knees. Charlie puts his hands on Cindy’s hips and shoves his dick balls in her creamy snatch. He gives it to Cindy as hard as her moans require, leaning forward until Cindy’s back is covered. Next, Cindy lies on her back and Charlie is between her legs. He carefully reenters Cindy with slow strokes, making sure to push all of her buttons. He continues until Cindy reaches her peak before finally letting go of her warm wetness. Charlie takes aim at Cindy’s open mouth and gives his new fiancee a mouthful love.

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