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Posted: 02.01.2022
Duration: 00:20:27
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Published: September 27, 2020 Clara Mia sip her morning coffee, while Eveline Dellai gazes longingly at Eveline. Eveline takes a sip of her morning beverage and then smiles at Clara. Eveline slides into Clara’s lap. Clara takes off her robe so Eveline can kiss her nipples. Eveline is soon seated at the table, with Clara’s tongue biting at her meaty twat and her thong removed. Clara takes Eveline’s underwear off and goes for a bald, sexy feast. She makes sure Eveline is well taken care of. Eveline is unable to help but relax as Clara brings her fingers into the action. Her soft moans filling the room with their presence make Eveline’s head sink. Clara lets Eveline breathe, letting her breathy sighs dictate the speed and pressure of Eveline’s touch. Soon Eveline is free to fall in her arms. Eveline, her body vibrating in delight, gets up and wraps herself around Clara’s back. Clara’s clothes fall to the floor quickly and Clara is ready for her. Eveline tries her girl friend from clit-to-pussy while she is on her knees. She is patient and takes her time. Clara and Eveline are both enthralled as she explores each sweet fold. Eveline ensures Clara is completely wet before she gets to work. She inserts two fingers into Clara’s twat, then rubs the other hand on her clit while she finger fucks her lover. Clara soon gasps in delight at Eveline’s dedicated efforts. Clara, who is still seated at the table, turns her back and lifts one leg to invite Eveline to keep going with her cum. Eveline is more than happy to oblige Eveline is keen to collect the debt Clara owes. Clara lies on Clara’s stomach, so she climbs onto her and holds her naked twat in front of Clara’s lips. Clara wraps her arms around Eveline’s legs and begins to use her magic tongue. Clara holds Eveline’s head up and she lifts her off of Clara’s. Clara then places Eveline in Claras arms. Clara can then bring Eveline to her, her fingers working magic on Eveline’s clit until Eveline’s joy is over.

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