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Posted: 02.01.2022
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Clara Mia and Eveline Dellai: Weve Been Waiting Published September 30, 2020 Clara Mia and Eveline Delai have waited almost forever for Matt Denae’s arrival. The girls greet Matt with lingerie and then pull him in. Clara and Eveline make themselves comfortable on the sofa opposite Matt. Matt watches as Clara and Eveline flirt with each others, touching their bodies with their fingers. They finally take Matt under their wing and let him join the fun. Clara, Eveline and Matt crawl on the couch, and Clara and Eveline rub their hands across his hardon. Matt then relaxes and let it all happen. After removing Matt’s stiffie, they take a moment for a look at the length. They open their mouths to begin sucking! Each girl takes turns and samples the products using their hands and mouths. This double blowjob leaves both girls wanting more. Matt is more than happy to oblige, especially when Clara climbs on Matt’s back in her sexy underwear. Eveline wants to enjoy the pussy eating action, so she sits down on Clara’s couch and begs Clara to take her out. Matt, meanwhile, takes advantage Clara’s position on Clara’s hands and knees in order to dig into her from the behind. As Eveline laughs in delight, Clara snatches it from Matt’s hips. Eveline finally has a chance to ride Matt’s stiffie when she climbs on board. As she moves sensually, she pushes her breasts in Matt’s face to enjoy the firm globes. Clara arranges herself to be on top of Eveline’s couch so she can continue to fuck her. Clara inhales on Matt’s dick as she tags out with the girls. Eveline rubs Clara’s neck and seduces her tits as Clara bounces along. Clara’s pleasure is guaranteed when she licks her lips. Next Eveline puts her back up and raises one leg high so Matt can get in. Although the position is very hot, Eveline does not need it to be cum. She gets down on her knees to allow Matt to do her in dog while Clara continues to lather at her sweet center. They get to their knees when the girls have had enough and Matt makes sure Matt is satisfied. He leaves them feeling satisfied and cum covered.

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