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Posted: 15.01.2022
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Eliza Ibarra & Jessie Saint: The Christmas Kiss Published: December 17, 2020 Eliza Ibarra had a crush for Jessie Saint for years. Each Christmas she visits Jessie Saint, which is bittersweet torture. Eliza had thought of making a move but something always gets in her way. Tyler Nixon is Jessie’s boyfriend and will be there the entire weekend. Unfortunately for Tyler and Jessie, Eliza is tired of putting her wants on the back burner. Eliza has her moment when the three of them decorate for Christmas. Tyler calls Eliza to ask if she spilled water on Jessie. Eliza hugs her topless friend, Jessie, and then excuses herself to go check on Jessie. Jessie seems to be enjoying it. Eliza is able to reach up and kiss Jessie’s bums because she’s already shirtless. Tyler enters and insists that he knows what’s happening. Eliza quickly recovers the brazenness she displayed when he did so. Tyler and Eliza have a tug-of war with Jessie. Eliza finally allows Tyler to kiss her again. Eliza doesn’t seem so cruel as to cut Tyler off completely. She grabs Tyler’s hand and puts them both in bed. Tyler actually finds it very hot to see his girlfriend have an affair with another woman. Jessie is also a fan of Tyler and Eliza helping Jessie out of her pants to tag team her. Jessie is soon in the middle, with Tyler’s cock in Tyler’s face and Eliza’s mouth on her twat. All three are in for a lot more. Eliza is always changing her clothes to keep Jessie’s party running. Tyler gets Eliza on her back once she is completely naked. He slurps them side by side as they kneel side by side. Eliza and Jessie compete to be the deepest throater. They also have side quests to seduce Tyler and run their tongues along his fuckstick. Jessie climbs up Tyler’s roof and slides down until Tyler is completely impaled. Eliza is happy to keep her best friend in her arms, while Jessie takes Tyler along with her long strokes. Jessie finally reaches her first, and Eliza jumps off the D. Next, they meet Jessie and Eliza. Their position allows them to make out, while also giving Tyler two choices of sexes. He gets his dick first in Jessie’s twat in dog, then in Eliza’s snatch. To give the ultimate pleasure, he double-dips between the two to mix the juices of the girls. Tyler takes Eliza to the side, and Eliza is able to get on her knees. Jessie with her pussy falls on Eliza’s back and Eliza can do thorough tongue explorations. Eliza enjoys Jessie’s twat while riding Tyler’s horse and finally feels satisfied with her sexual desires. Tyler is ready for a big sexy, so he pulls up and nuts all over Eliza’s body to satisfy her sexual cravings.

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