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Posted: 10.01.2022
Duration: 00:36:04
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Publication Date: November 17, 2020 Emma Hix, lusty lesbian, and Kyler Quinn long wanted to have a threesome. Emma is an avid piano student and has discovered that Kyle Mason is her favorite piano teacher. After talking with Kyler, Emma and Kyler settled on a plan. Both Emma and Kyler should arrive super early to Emma’s piano lesson. As per plan, Kyle opens the doors for Emma and Kyler. Next, Emma needs to pretend that her foot hurt so Kyle can get her some ice. After Kyle turns his back, the girls jump onto the kitchen island and start stripping. Kyle sees the girls and turns his back. However, instead of participating in the action like Emma and Kyler would have hoped, Kyle retreats to his room. The horny coeds give Emma a moment to kiss Kyler’s face, then move on to the backup plan. Following Kyle upstairs they approach him in his bedroom. They’re not going for no answers this time. They resume their makeout session, doing everything they can to spark Kyle’s curiosity. Kyle finally allows himself to be drawn over to his bed. The girls are all over Kyler, licking and touching his neck from ear to neck. Emma and Kyler begin to take Kyle out of his clothes. They switch off so each girl can have their lips wrapped around D. Emma spreads her legs to encourage Kyle to lie down on the couch. He plunges his big dick in her wet hole, and Kyler climbs onto Emma’s face. Kyler takes a ride while Kyle keeps Emma partying. Kyler finally has the chance to relax when the girls help him lay down on his bed. Emma rides Kyler in reverse cowgirl and she does all she can for Kyler’s pleasure. Emma climbs onboard for a cowgirl ride with her own, licking Kyler’s man meat juices as he hops off. They take a minute to get together and lap Kyle’s hardon till it’s clean. Kyler kneels down so Kyler can push into her from behind. Emma is laying on her back so Kyler can slam into her from behind.

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