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Posted: 13.01.2022
Duration: 00:34:19
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Gina Gerson – December 2020 Fantasy Of The Month Published December 2, 2020 Gina Gerson has taken the time and described her perfect scene as this month’s Fantasy of the Month. This sensual sweetheart is looking for elegance, flowers and a touch class. It’s easy to see why she chooses a long, flowing gown, rose petals all over her skin and Raul Costa wearing a tuxedo to rub a rose on her skin. Raul does things slowly, just like Gina requested. After teasing Gina with the rose, he then enters to explore Gina’s bod with sweet openmouthed kisses. Raul makes sure Gina has had plenty of warmup and then he moves in between her legs to bring a long, delicious pussy feast to Gina. Raul turns Gina on her stomach, and then gives her a long kiss. After a moment, Raul takes his hardon out of the pants and gently shoves it inside. Raul sets a slow, steady pace that slowly picks up in speed. Gina’s moan gives him permission to go on. Raul hits all Gina’s best spots when Gina gets on her knees. Raul sits on his back while Gina rubs his feet with her talent. Raul follows her, and she curls up behind her. Raul strikes Gina with this position, and she lifts her leg to let him in. Raul can reach down and rub Gina’s clit for double the pleasure. Raul helps Gina get on his back and rolls onto it. Raul wraps one arm around Gina’s neck to keep her secure as Gina slides onto his fuckstick. Raul can also rest his hand on Gina’s rump, allowing him to touch her tenderest parts. Gina climbs up Raul’s hardon then licks the juices from her personalized toy. Although she’s almost done, she still needs to be loved. Gina, lying on her back, welcomes Raul back in as he gives her his final kiss. After a while, he gets out of his car and Gina lets him stroke her back so that she is covered in his love.

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