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Posted: 14.01.2022
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Jasmin Luv & Rachel Rivers: A Gift from My Wife Published: December 11, 2020 Jazmin Luv has known Rachel Rivers for some time, but being a committed woman, she had to be careful about how she approached it with her boyfriend. Jazmin finally finds the inspiration to do what she wanted. She decides to wait until Kyle Mason’s Birthday and then introduce Rachel to the trio. Jazmin invites Rachel over to get intimate with her friend before Kyle comes home. Rachel doesn’t really know what she is signing up for, but Jazmin makes it clear that she does. Jazmin has just a few minutes to go before Rachel is in her pussy. She’s ripped her friend from her dress and found some fishnet stockings and crotchless pants underneath. Rachel leans back as Jazmin lets Rachel have her naughty ways with her. Jazmin keeps going with the plan, laughing at her friend’s sexiness until Kyle comes home. Kyle is taken aback by the first sight he sees when he arrives. Jazmin is so oblivious to it, Kyle quickly allows himself to be drawn into a cocksucking threesome with two girls that want to fulfill his every desire. Rachel is the one who opens wide and starts sucking Kyle’s fuckstick. While Rachel is blaming Kyle, Jazmin finds a place for herself between Rachel’s thighs and eats Jazmin. Jazmin eventually gets a taste for the D as she crawls up and indulges. Rachel lies down and Jazmin is pulled on top of Rachel. Jazmin lays her snatch onto Rachel’s face and then starts rocking her hips. Kyle then moves on to Rachel’s fuckhole to indulge her lusty charms. The girls decide to change things by having Kyle lie down so Jazmin may hop onboard and ride Kyle with all evidence of deep pleasure. Next Rachel will get on her knees to allow Kyle to reach deep into her genitals. Rachel is leaning forward so it’s easy for her to place her face between Jazmin’s thighs. This will allow her to muffle her murmurs properly. Jazmin swaps spots with Rachel, allowing her to enjoy a last female feast and letting Rachel finish Kyle off.

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