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Posted: 06.01.2022
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Kiara Cole and Lily Larimar – One Night A year Published: October 22, 2020 Kiara Cole, along with her boyfriend Seth Gamble, have just returned from a night of Halloween partying together with Lily Larimar. Lily excuses themselves and Seth tries his best to spend some time with Kiara. However, Kiara doesn’t seem interested in the conversation while Lily is there. Seth says no to her, then she lies down on the couch until she falls asleep. Seth is wandering off from his girlfriend when he sees Lily stripping in her bedroom. Seth is spying on Lily, so Lily gives him a little show by twirling and caring for her tits. Seth runs away from the temptation but Lily intercepts him a few moments later. Lily says that she and Kiara used share everything. However, Seth is able to resist the temptation once more. Lily doesn’t want to give up. She follows Seth to the living area, where he attempts to wake Kiara. Lily, who is now seated beside Seth on the couch, rips Seth’s dick and refuses to wait for permission before taking what she wants. Seth is unable to resist the BJ of Lily without disturbing Kiara. He leans back and let it happen. Kiara wakes up, and she asks Lily what’s going on. She tries telling Lily that they don’t share boys anymore. But Lily won’t listen. Kiara’s head is pulled down by her mother to stop her protests about Seth’s cock. Kiara doesn’t need much convincing. She’s instantly reminded how Lily was a great couple, and she cannot wait to do it again. Soon, the girls will be going wild with their double blow job. Their efforts combined create just the right amount delectable friction. Seth cannot believe his luck in finding two gorgeous babes wearing their lingerie and paying so much attention at his cock. Seth and Lily lift Kiara onto their backs to create magic with the mouths. They raise Kiara’s leg to release her pussy. With their clever tongues, they join forces to moan at Kiara. After Lily places her pussy in her mouth and rides her face, Kiara’s last reservations disappear. Seth then fills her with the D. Kiara finally gives Lily the chance to try Seth’s fuckstick. Seth pulls Lily onto his couch and lays down on it. Kiara ensures Lily is correctly seated on Seth’s man food, and then she proceeds to straddle Seth’s face. They have fun together, rocking their hips in tandem. The girls end up falling in love as they ride along. The girls stack themselves next to each other to make a double pissy stack. Kiara is on the bottom, Lily on the top, and Seth on the top. This gives Seth the freedom to pound whatever pussy he chooses. He does double dips and alternates between them until both are gasping and crying in delight. Kiara then climbs off Lily and settles back on Lily’s stomach so that he pulls her hair. He then draws her in to kiss her neck. Kiara stands on the shoulder of her girlfriend, Seth, as he reaches the limit of his endurance. Seth gluts Lily and gets Kiara’s blessing. Kiara snowballs the cum with her BFF after she has sipped Lily’s twat.

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