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Posted: 05.01.2022
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Kiara Cole – Not For Nothing Published: October 15, 2020 Kiara Cole worked as a maid at Kyle Mason’s house for quite a while. Kyle is not aware that Kiara has a serious crush upon him and doesn’t care that Kyle is married. Kiara finally gets the chance to show her moves one night as Kyle cooks dinner. Kiara recognizes that it is her moment to shine when Kyle’s wife texts to tell her she will be late working. To give herself an excuse, she spills something on herself. Kiara enters the bathroom and removes her dress. She then puts on a maid’s apron to make her intentions known. As she walks into the kitchen, Kyle approaches her and tells her that he is free to have what he wants. Kiara resists Kyle’s attempts to tell her that he is married. She wants Kyle and will keep trying until she gets what she wants. After Kyle gives up, they move into the bedroom. Kiara is aware that Kyle’s commitment for her pleasure is still waning and she insists that he eat her out. Kiara commands Kyle to kneel before her and toss his face in her warm twat. Kyle really gets into it as he lets Kiara’s wet folds slide down his tongue. Kiara rolls on her stomach and indulges in a deep throat blowjob, with lots of ball sucking. Kiara realizes that this is her only chance to make it special. Kiara, who is still on her knees and hands on the bed, turns around to invite Kyle in. He does not hesitate for a second. Instead, he grips Kiara’s stomach and then anchors himself to slip into her warmth. Kiara is beaming with joy as she finally gets all the pussy-pounding she has been longing for from her hot employer Kyle puts Kiara on his back and rolls over onto his back, but she quickly goes back to her cock. Kiara is not interested in her position on her knees, as it leaves her pussy open for Kyle to play with. Instead, she swings her one-leg over Kyle’s hips while consuming herself on his hardon. Kiara begins a lusty journey by leaning forward in search of an angle that hits all of the right spots. Kiara changes her position so she is getting it in reverse cowgirl. As she bounces along, she rubs her clit with her hands and brings herself off. She is left muttering about her intense joy. Kiara’s pussy still glowing, she hops off the D as Kyle sips her juices. Kiara is ready to have another round of laughter and she returns to her knees. As Kyle hands it to her, she puts one foot on her bed to keep her balance. Once he’s given her one final glimpse of paradise, Kiara slides off the bed to her knees. Kyle then opens up wide enough for her to make a mess all over her face.

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