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Posted: 11.01.2022
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Leah Lee: It Finally Happened Published: November 20, 2020 Leah Lee is a lusty young girl who has been enthralled by her buddy Brad Sterling for so much. Leah does not hesitate to seduce Brad whenever the chance arises. She jumps into Brad’s arms, wraps her legs around his body and gives in to all he wants. Brad takes Leah with him to a nearby bookcase. Then he feels her fine sex and reaches up for her breasts. Leah is slowly stripped of her clothing by Brad. He takes his time to get to know his friend’s hot body. Leah does not shy away from feeling Brad, and cupping his hardon. She imagines how that will feel when buried in her greedy fist hole. Leah discovers herself leaning back, letting Brad do all the work. He strips her of her pants and her thong. Leah is left with her neatly trimmed pussy. Leah leans in to get a taste that revs Leah’s motor. She swoops her fingers in Brad’s hair, keeping his tongue where it needs to be. This will give her her first glimpse of paradise. Leah climbs onto her knees to remove Brad’s stiffie and then does what she has always wanted to do: She opens up her mouth and puts Brad’s cock into it. She enjoys the rich, savoring musk from a big dick. Brad can deep-suckle Leah, which is a dream come to life. Brad also helps Leah on her knees on the couch, so he can get into her from behind. While Doggy style has many positive aspects, Leah is not content with one position after waiting so long. She lies on her stomach and splits her thighs, inviting Brad to do the same. Leah takes Brad’s offer seriously and he dives in to get his dick wet with that dripping puss. Brad sits next to Leah so she can take a ride on the stiffie. Brad eagerly explores the curves and movements of her body while her hips rock back-and-forth at a breakneck speed as she moves with Brad’s eager hands. Leah then turns around to reverse cowgirl, until her pure joy fills the room. Leah takes a break from the D and indulges in yet another handie. Brad relaxes and let her have it with his fuckstick until the end. Leah gives in to his desire and starts biting his finger on Leah’s hands so that he can lick her clean while she swallows his seed.

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