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Posted: 09.01.2022
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Publication Date: November 3, 2020 Lillian (Christy Love), who is at home talking to a fertility doctor, is distraught. She is disappointed that they aren’t able to get her pregnant, and that her options are shrinking. She was told by the clinic that she may consider getting pregnant by a trusted male in her life. This is a shocking suggestion. Y-you… How dare you? I was not ‘considered insemination of any man I know personally’. Fuck you! Lillian angrily says, “I’m done with your scam clinic …!'”. Lillian drops the phone in disgust and collapses, sobbing. Lillian is a teacher and so she enters school the following day. She is frightened by her current situation and sits down at her desk. She then spots a yearbook, which gives her an idea. Lillian flips through the yearbook, contemplating seducing a male faculty person, but she is disgusted by the choices. Lillian decides to seduce Codey, her male student. Lillian calls Codey. He claims that he had a problem with the previous test. Lillian asks Codey to come see her the following day. He agrees. CUT TO TITLE Codey (Codey Stahle) arrives at Lillian’s classroom on the following day. Lillian informs him that the test was rescheduled because of an unfortunate glitch. Lillian praises Codey and begins to evaluate him in person as they chat. Codey is both humbled and confused by what is going on. Finally, he sits down at another desk to retake his test. Lillian begins to seduce Codey while he is taking the test. Codey seems even more attracted by Lillian. Codey is concerned that an affair with his teacher could ruin his future. Lillian insists that she doesn’t want a relationship; she wants to be pregnant by him. Codey is shocked by the news and tries not to tell Lillian about his inability to be a father. Lillian assures him that he won’t be involved further — she WANT to be a single parent. Codey is still hesitant and about to leave. But Lillian, desperate for his future, threatens his college admissions chances by trying to stop him. Codey finally agrees to inseminate Lillian. Lillian will go to great lengths to achieve what she wants…

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