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Posted: 08.01.2022
Duration: 00:51:20
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Mona Blue – Any Friend Of My Daughters Published: October 27, 2020 Teen’s Father Slaps Daughter’s Friend with Daughter Lying Next To Him SCENE OPENS at Sue (Ophelia Dust), as she enters the home with Anne (Mona Blue), 18 years old. John (Renato), Sue’s dad, stops by the door to greet the girls. This is John’s first encounter with Anne. Sue introduces them to one another. John takes a glance at Anne and instantly a dark, horny and almost hungry look appears in his eyes. While hiding his attraction, he talks to the girls and watches Anne as he moves around. Anne and Sue inform John about their plans for the evening, and John talks with Anne about dinner plans. Sue’s mom will work late so it will just be the three of us. After they finish chatting, Sue leads Anne out to show Anne her room. John stares at Anne while they walk away with the same dark perverted looks. He locks the front doors, the lock clicking loudly.

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