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Posted: 15.01.2022
Duration: 00:45:02
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Published: December 15, 2020 SCENE OPENS with Abby (VannaBardot), who rushes in hurry to meet Martin (Michael Swayze), brother of her recovering girlfriend Terri. Martin is concerned Terri will use again. Martin then tells Terri that he will make SURE Terri uses again if Abby doesn’t do something. Martin’s expression on Abby’s face turns a bit twisted and excited as his eyes widen in shock. CUT TO TITLE Abby struggles with understanding Martin’s words. Martin explains that he had been manipulating Terri for many years in order keep her weaker and more vulnerable. This was to control her. Abby appears furious, almost shaking with anger. She rises to get up and leave. Martin’s plan is for Terri to relapse, so she stops. Abby is shocked and at a loss for words. How can he do this?! Abby is resentful and disgusted at Martin but she wants to protect Terri so she agrees with Martin to do what he wishes – provided Terri stays alone.

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