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Posted: 15.01.2022
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Published: December 17, 2020 Homophobic Social Worker Gets Fucked By Lesbian Couple SCENE OPENS as Leah Wright (Whitney Wright), anxious but excited, opens the front door to her house. Evelyn Foxx, a social worker, greets Leah and introduces herself. Evelyn is carrying a paper clipboard and a pen. Her purpose is to complete an adoption home survey. This report will be critical in the adoption process. Leah mentions Toni, her partner in the adoption process, as she should be home anytime. Later, it appears that the assessment seems to be going well. There are many smiles, and the ladies seem to be relaxed and comfortable talking. Leah is anxious and nervous all the time, while Evelyn remains polite and attentive. However, she seems impressed. Evelyn is seen throughout jotting down things on her clipboard. Toni (Ana Foxxx), finally comes home. She calls out as she walks through the front door. Leah eagerly excuses Evelyn and greets Toni by kissing her lips. There is warmth between them. Evelyn looks stunned for a moment as she watches this PDA. While she doesn’t say much, her expression becomes subtly more serious as her jaw clenches and her jaw tightens while she scribbles a pointedly on her clipboard. Leah joyfully brings Toni along to Evelyn. Evelyn, who is polite but insists that she has everything necessary to make a choice, takes her leave. Even though it seems a bit abrupt. Toni and Leah are unaware that Evelyn has left. Instead, they believe that Evelyn’s words indicate that she’s had an enjoyable visit. Toni and Leah get excited as Toni tells Toni all about the experience and how happy she is that they are finally getting the family they have always wanted.

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